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Why are the Dominican Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary so outspoken against socialism?


Socialism is an existential threat to the free practice of our Faith, and as such must be taken seriously and opposed energetically.   We read in the words of Pope Pius XI: “Socialism cannot be reconciled with Catholic doctrine.”  In the encyclical Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo XIII also explicitly condemns socialism and states that socialism must be “utterly rejected.”

We do utterly, and publicly, reject socialism.


Why would Religious Sisters be publicly opposing socialism rather than simply praying privately against it?


One course of action does not preclude the other.  We pray fervently both in private and in public for our country to be delivered from the evil of socialism.  As we live in a time of unprecedented danger regarding the imminent threat of socialism overtaking our nation, we sincerely believe that certain extraordinary actions are not only justified but also desirable and efficacious.  By holding public prayer rallies, by resisting unconstitutional mandates, and by advocating the practice of the virtue of patriotism, the Sisters strive to lead by example.  By prominently displaying banners or signs with anti-socialism messages, the Sisters hope to prompt a return to critical thinking in those who read them.  We Sisters are not engaging in activities inconsistent with our lofty vocation as Dominicans.  On the contrary, we are living in the spirit of our Dominican Order and following the illustrious example of its founder Our Holy Father Saint Dominic in denouncing evil and spreading the light of Truth.

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